Terms & Conditions

Counselling Sessions - Terms and Conditions

The counsellor-client relationship strives to be one of honesty, integrity, mutual respect and safety.  To empower yourself through information, please read, acknowledge and agree to below the Client-Consultant Agreement Terms and Conditions, as well as general disclaimer.

Section 1: The Counsellor

Section 1: I, The Counsellor

Ryan Edmonds - Registered Wellness Counsellor & Holistic Healing Practitioner

(ASCHP, WC23/1638 | BA Psych, UJ | ISHTA YT, YTF | KYYT, IKYTA)

What is a Registered Wellness Counsellor?

A Wellness Counsellor is a member with an applicable graduate qualification on NQF level 7 including a minimum of 100 hours of practical experience. 

Wellness Counsellors serve to enhance the total wellbeing of their clients by making use of a systems approach to counselling – working towards achieving wholeness within the integrative unity of body, mind and spirit. The level of counselling is that of primary health care. This includes individual counselling, group counselling and marriage counselling, life style coaching, counselling for problems, trauma counselling, drug and alcohol abuse counselling, HIV/AIDS counselling, counselling for gambling addiction, bereavement counselling, hospice counselling and support and assistance in human development.

The Wellness Counsellor is competent to lend comprehensive counselling support towards the improvement of the quality of life by assisting clients in resolving conflicts, improving relationships, sorting out general problems, coping with life’s challenges and finding inner peace.

Wellness Counsellors are required to refer clients to medical and psychological professionals if they identify needs that require specialised intervention such as mood, personality and anxiety disorders and health related problems that require medical attention.

More information may be found at https://www.aschp.net/designations.html (heading "Wellness Counsellor")

Scope of practice

The counsellor is bound to a specific scope of practice which is comprehensive but excludes psychotherapy, social work, medical health work and occupational therapy.

The generic scope of a life skills practice is that of wellness which includes, but is not limited to, providing support in interpersonal social relationships, spiritual growth, marital relationships, parental relationships, health related issues such as stress management, lifestyle management in prevention of chronic diseases, victim empowerment, domestic violence, trauma debriefing, household planning, HIV/AIDS, counselling, workplace adaptation, risk taking, study methods, management of anxiety and depression, substance abuse, support of vulnerable people, meeting cultural issues and diversity in the workplace, improvement of employment prospects, support to people with disabilities, mental preparation for retirement, and any other general problem that people encounter in day to day living.

Holistic Counsellors work on primary health care level, and are as such obliged to terminate counselling and refer clients to a professional (doctor, psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist) where their counselling, with reference to possible pathology or dysfunction, falls outside the scope of their practice.

Counselling competencies within scope of practice include the ability…

A counsellor is also required to demonstrate the following critical cross-field outcomes in counselling:

I Ryan Edmonds (Wellness Counsellor, ASCHP NQF* REGISTRATION NUMBER: 895, MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION NO: WC23/1638) am acknowledging the above roles, responsibilities and scope of practice, and agree to offering the best service I can within my ability.  I cannot legally diagnose, prescribe or treat.  

The use of non-medical, alternative, complimentary, natural, nutritional or spiritually-based healing techniques cannot replace or substitute the services of licensed professionals.

Where necessary I will refer my client to a licensed medical / clinical professional, as their wellbeing is always of the utmost importance. 

Section 2: The Client

Section 2: I, The Client


Agree that, in order for these sessions to have a positive impact on my life, I am accountable to my process. This includes doing the recommended / prescribed self-reflection exercises, homework, meditations, etc, and doing my best to apply the tools taught to me during my sessions. I take personal accountability for my life, my choices and actions.

I know that I am accountable to regularly consult a physician in all matters pertaining to physical/mental health, particularly concerning any symptoms that may require urgent diagnosis, or medical/psychological attention.

If I, the Client, have been medically diagnosed with any relevant medical / mental health disorders, I am encouraged to first gain the approval of my medical / mental health professional before beginning sessions with Wellness Counsellor, Ryan Edmonds (which may act as a form on complimentary support).

Cancellation Policy

Agree to honour my appointments. Should I cancel / reschedule in under 12 hours of my session time, I shall incur a charge of 50% of my standard session fee. Should I not show up for my appointment (without any communication) I shall be charged the full consultation amount, and be liable to pay it. The above shall be invoiced at the end of the month.


I agree that payments may be done with cash, card, or via EFT, and are due either 

1) BEFORE the session, or 

2) AT the session.

Paypal payments will be charged an additional 10%. 

In the case of regular weekly sessions, I can also choose a package rate of 4 sessions which offer me a discount of 10%. Rates and packages may be found HERE.

If a session is cancelled by the Counsellor, that session shall be re-scheduled, and credited to the Client at no extra charge.


I understand that healing and positive change can take time. I agree that I need to commit to a journey if I am to see positive results. It is up to me as to how I wish to pace my sessions, and can opt in for:

1) weekly sessions

2) bi-monthly (twice a month)

3) monthly options, or

4) as the "when the need arises"

I can change my appointment structure at any time by communicating to my Counsellor.


I hereby give AFRISHANTI WELLNESS (and its Director, Ryan Edmonds) consent to process my personal information, in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, for all purposes related to the carrying out of this mandate.

Conclusion of Sessions

I understand that there may be a time when I may feel that I have reached a conclusion of my time with my Wellness Counsellor.  This is natural.  Each client’s journey is unique.  

Some clients only need 4-6 sessions, others enjoy regular coaching and counselling once a month for many years as a way to stay aligned to personal goals, and accountable to their journey, or to help deal with the challenges of life when they present.  

Whenever I (as the Client) feel that I have received all I needed from our sessions together, I am encouraged to communicate clearly to my Counsellor.  I may then choose to decide if I want to terminate sessions completely, re-structure (continuing with ongoing work with longer gaps between appointments), or decide to keep my Counsellor “on call” should the need ever arise.  All approaches are respected.