Yoga Classes

Join me, Ryan Edmonds, for weekly yoga classes in Somerset West. 

Below you will find booking links, timetables, a location map, and answers to most frequently asked questions.

These classes for all levels of experience, and beginners are always welcomed.

Yoga is a fabulous modality for healing body and mind, and connecting you to your spirit. Whatever you want out of yoga, Yoga will give you. Fitness, mindfulness, mobility, reduced anxiety, personal time, healing... and much more.

Click Here for the Location 

of the Afrishanti Yoga Studio

How much are general group classes & how do I pay?

You may pay R150 to drop-in to any class.

Payments may be made with either cash/card upon arrival.

When are the classes?

MONDAY 6-7pm (Kundalini Yoga)

WEDNESDAY 6-7pm (Hatha/Vinyasa)

SUNDAY 8:30-9:30am (Mixed styles)

Venue locations

Afrishanti Yoga Studio - corner Reitz & Lourens roads, Somerset West (DIAL 43 at the gate to enter - park anywhere inside - classes have heaters on at night).

I see you teach two styles of yoga... what are these?

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic practice, great for all levels of fitness, and includes a lot of movement synchronised with breath, chanting, and mediation, as well as wonderful movements to increase strength and flexibility. This is a deeply spiritual practice. Check out this link for more.

ISHTA yoga is classical integral hatha yoga - sometimes yin, sometimes vinyasa/flow, and the pace and style depend on climate, season, time of day and mood. Postures are great for strength, flexibility, balance, and calming the mind. Here is more info.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable that you can move in. There are no 'rules', but we suggest your clothes permit ease of movement. In Kundalini Yoga, we traditionally try to wear white, but this isn't compulsory.

Do I need a mat?

A mat becomes a yogi's dearest friend. Worth the investment! It is recommended to purchase one of your own, however, for the occasional "I forgot my mat at home", there are a few spare mats at the studio.

What if I have injuries?

Please speak to your teacher before the class. Modifications can then be easily offered. 

Any other questions?  |  071 874 1890