Counselling Approaches

What Approaches Do I Use as a Wellness Counsellor?

Having trained in many therapeutic modalities I find great joy in being able to pull out specific tools for my clients depending on the situation. 

Some of the tools I use are:

Non-medical hypnosis techniques - useful for re-programming the mind (beliefs, patterns, habits, behaviours), easing symptoms associated with anxiety (panic, insomnia, stress, lack of focus, memory, concentration), depression, and addictions.

Egan-based counselling model - a 3-part, client-centred approach to problem solving. Once we identify the story, and see our blind spots, we then look at constructive possibilities, and hold ourselves accountable to positive change. Finally, allowing the formulation of a clear and structured action plan. 

Life coaching - focusing on identifying and removing challenges, with a focus on solutions, goal setting, time management, stress-management tools, achieving outcomes, re-aligning to our dreams, fulfilling purpose, and having a vision for our lives. 

Ego-states mediation therapy - internal conflicts can lead to many challenges. Sometimes we have aspects of ourselves that are in disagreement, and this approach can help to bring about massive internal resolution! This can be helpful in healing additive behaviours, weight loss, moving forward out of sabotaging behaviours, and resolving internal conflict.