Rates & Packages

A payment link will be sent to you once your booking has been confirmed (see below).

Please note that rates are dependant upon country of permanent residence. 

I consult clients both local and abroad (via Zoom). Fees below reflect both South African and international rates. Expats earning abroad, and local "swallows" are required to pay international fees.

Initial Session

90 minutes 

This session is mandatory for all new clients.

Here we spend time going through the counselling approach, getting to know one another, setting the framework for how we are going to work together, and unpacking the presenting challenge/s.

Intake forms will be sent prior to this session.

Follow-Up Sessions

60 minutes

Follow-up sessions may be booked at any time after the initial appointment.

The therapeutic journey requires commitment, and weekly/bi-monthly sessions are recommended.

Single sessions may be purchased individually, or as a discounted package (see below).

Package of 4

Should the counsellor and the client decide to progress on a therapeutic journey together, a session package of 4 sessions is a terrific place to start! 

Sessions may be booked at the client's availability. Sessions may be schedule once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month even. Although, weekly is best.

Clients may choose to purchase another package when the 4 sessions are complete. This package is only valid for a maximum of 3 months to ensure commitment to the counselling process.

Financial Challenges

Clients should never be turned away due to inability to afford sessions. If session fees are out of reach, please contact me directly. 

Approaches may change to help clients financially. Session times may be limited to 30minutes, and the prices adjusted accordingly. Enquire for assistance.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Please note that sessions are not claimable from medical aid. 

Appointments are either paid for before arrival/at the start of the session (single sessions only), or at the beginning of the package (discount only applies when all 4 sessions are paid for upfront).

Invoices can be made out when requested.

Payments may be processed by cash, card, online gatway, PayPal or EFT.

If sessions are cancelled within a window of 24 hours, 50% of the session rate will be charged.

If sessions are missed without notice, the full session fee will be deducted.