Traditional Healing & Readings

“Whatever you may think, you did not choose to come for a divination of your own will,

you were brought to the divination because it was deemed important by the ancestors (those of the depths).

You come to be told, not to receive answers to your questions.” - Colin Campbell

Roots & Herbs, Stones & Bones...

Ryan was born with a gift to see things beyond the physical senses. From a young age he was trained in several divinatory arts, and has been offering his services in intuitive guidance since he was 12 years old. 

The modality of reading depends on the situation, as each oracular tool speaks with a different voice. 

Divination helps us to receive guidance from the Unseen World, and offers us direction, and deeper understanding. 

Like a medical doctor, Traditional Healing diagnosis and prescribes on a spiritual level. Treatments are therefore of a spiritual nature, and is not a substitute for medical advice from a registered allopathic doctor. 

Ryan has trained as a Traditional Healer, and offers various healing and oracular services to help his patients remove blockages, open the roads, cleanse their homes, open themselves to love, protect their energy, remove negativity, and much more. 

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Please Note: 

Ryan Edmonds only works with positive spiritual forces. All spiritual workings are done in the name of the Divine (God, the Universe, the Light), the Ancestors, Angels, and the Pure Guiding Spirits.  

Thus, his work is in alignment with his healing gifts, and can be used happily by anyone of any religion.

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