Spirit Whispers

The Importance of House Cleansing

House cleansings are in demand now more than ever - why?

Energetic hygiene is vital in a home!

Houses are alive. They accumulate vibrational baggage, and stale energy accumulates in corners and where there is clutter.

When we enter our homes after being surrounded by other people all day, what follows us home? Fighting, ill health, blockage in money, exhaustion, depletion, insomnia and even depression can result from living in a home that doesn't have regular clearing.

What tools do we use? Cleansing is a lot more complex than waving a smudge stick around! You need to be trained in sensing and seeing energy and spiritual influences. A trained healer must use prayer, herbs, oils, sacred words, songs, holy smoke, fire, and various other things. Cleansing is only one step in all of this:

1. Divination - we must diagnose the house

2. Offerings to the land spirits and ancestors

3. Cleansing

4. Blessing

5. Protection and sealing the land from dark influences.

As a traditional healer, and someone who grew up in a home that actively practiced regular space clearing, it always amazes me how folks tend to focus on the physical cleaning of a house, but neglect the energetic/spiritual component.

Clearings should be repeated at least once a year, and maintenance done at the turn of the seasons (smaller clearings can be done by the householder, and I always teach my clients how to do this).

Right now, the world is in a strange place. People are noticing it, and house cleansing and protection are first point of call for good spiritual hygiene. 

How do you go about getting started?

STEP 1: Book a reading by clicking here

STEP 2: After your reading (online/in-person) we can commence with the house cleansing. Pricing depends on the size of the house, and a home normally takes 2-3 hours to complete.