Astrology & Numerology

November 2023

November! Here comes the fire of summer here in the Southern hemisphere, along with a rise in internal mood, energy and motivation for many folks.

As Venus enters her ruling sign of Libra on 8 November (11:31) she brings out our true romantic nature! Relationships can thrive, and we can see many aspects of ourselves reflected in the mirror image of our friends and partner. During this time we may crave balance, peace and being surrounded by beauty. Surround yourself with peaceful and beautiful environments, enjoy celebrating the arts, listen to music, make love, spend time with friends, and offer a toast to Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Scorpio hosts the Sun, Mercury and Mars this November. With all the loving energy going around from Venus, be careful for the first 3 weeks to avoid jealousy and deep insecurities and old fears coming up to claw below the floorboards of your heart. This is a great time to be careful of using words that could sting (ouch!), and making silly, irrattional, or impulsive decisions based on reactive emotions.

The end of November brings relief as these planets move into Sagittarius, where the Centaur helps us to heal and patch things up. The last week of November is a great time to go into nature to ground any remaining "poison" that may be left inside - either your own, or from the lashes given from someone else. 

Saturn goes direct (leaves his retrograde) on 4 November after 5 months of being in retrograde. Get ready for any remnants of stagnation to begin to slowly begin to move again - like a wheel that has been stuck in the mud, and now starts a gradual progression towards freeing itself so that the journey may continue. This is a great time to close off any major chapters and let go of things hanging on that no longer serve you (clients who don't pay, old habits, addictions etc). 

Numerologically this November resonates to the number 18/9. This number always heralds changes and endings (which compounds the energy mentioned above with Saturn), but always in alignment with preparation for something new (beginning in December). This is a month to focus on leadership, money, power, and participating in activities that enhance your energy and overall vitality.

Months ruled by 9 usually bring some "contractions" as the processes of rebirthing happens now after 9 months, and this will yield the end of a cycle of whatever happened in the previous 9 months (starting in March 2023).


September 2023

September is a month of continuation of the themes of August, except for some slight variations. 

Firstly, the heavy exhaustion may lift a bit! Mars entered Libra on 28 August, and this takes our energy levels out of the dense, heavy sign of Virgo into a more directive (cardinal) air sign. While our energies in July-Aug were best geared in the direction of "sorting out", making lists and plans, our energy is now better suited to bringing in balance! If you are leaning too much into one direction, what areas of your life are being neglected? Shift the weight a bit, and prioritise your energy into those spaces. Be wary of igniting anger and getting stuck in the head.This is a time for harmonious action.

Venus goes direct on 3 September. The past few weeks may have seen a need to re-evaluate our relationships (family, partners, friends). This may have been a needing to close up loose ends, say what has been on your heart, and face strange dreams that may be of a social (or even sexual) nature. Remember that dreams are a way for our minds to heal and process... then release and let it go. 

Venus direct is a beautiful time for prioritising love, friendship, beauty, art, music and culture. Celebrate the beauty of spring!

King Jupiter goes retrograde on 4 September in the (fixed) sign of Taurus (and will be that way until 30 December). Whilst usually Jupiter (our great financial advisor) encourages us to EXPAND - now he puts the hand of caution up! "NO BIG FINANCIAL MOVES NOW!", he warns us, "Hold on to your money." This is not the time for silly-season spending, but a time of savvy-saving. 

Advice is to work with what you already have, conserve energy, and don't start any major expansive projects until the new year.