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3-5 Day Spring/Summer Cleanse

In our yogic teachings it is advised to do a Spring Diet around the beginning of September each year. There are many varieties, but this is just one. 

When I first learned the Spring Diet (also called Diet Number 1), it consisted of 3-5 days of only fruit, nuts, milk and water, with herbal tea. So lovely. So refreshing!

This year's Spring Cleanse comes from a dear client and student of mine, and I am eager to share it with you all (and to try it myself)!

HOW LONG? 3-5 days is best

SHOPPING LIST: Paw-paw/papaya, apples (your favourites), bananas, grapes, and either water melon or berries. 

BENEFITS: This is a WASH for the body and digestive system. Fruits are high in prana (life force energy) and are closest to the sun. This is re-energizing, life-enhancing, clearing, and also so good for the mind and heart. Also, the high vitamin and mineral content of the fruits will soak you in nutritional goodness!

Ready? Let's Jump In!

DAY 1:  Eat only apples. Drink only water & rooibos/herbal tea.

DAY 2: Eat only paw-paw/papaya. Drink only water & rooibos/herbal tea.

DAY 3: Morning (apples). Lunch (paw-paw). 6pm Supper (apples). 2-3 hours after last meal, eat 2 bananas. Drink only water & rooibos/herbal tea.

DAY 4: Eat only grapes. Drink only water & rooibos/herbal tea.

DAY 5: Choose to eat either watermelon (if in season) OR berries (any and all berries). Drink only water & rooibos/herbal tea.

AVOID: the usual culprits - coffee, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, smoking, etc. I will also add to this a detox of excess technology, negative people, over-doing-it, and anger. Also, do not juice your fruits! Eat them whole and raw, for the fibre. 

HOW MUCH TO EAT: You may eat as much as you need to feel satisfied. Do not stuff yourself (this is still a light fast, after all). You do not need to starve yourself either. Find the happy medium. 

AFTER DAY 5? Do not jump into your normal diet. Do 2-3 days of only steamed veggies and easily digestible veggies, soups and broths. You can then add your proteins (nuts, legumes, eggs, etc) from 4-5 days after the cleanse. This will help avoid adverse effects. 

Most important - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

August Astrology: Lion's Gate 2023

August 8-16 is a great time to manifest goals. The ancient, mystical "portal" (that is believed to open each year when the sun and moon are both in the sign of the Lion, this year on Aug 16) will be unlocked in our solar system that will help our intentions take flight. 

North African tribes call this annual cosmic event the "The Lion’s Gate portal" - a magical force that fills up the sky during the new NEW MOON IN THE LEO MONTH.

Some people say that astrologers mark it to be on Aug 8, but this is not accurate astrologically. Numerology would praise the 8/8 however, but astrology would look to Sirius and the Leo New Moon.

You may be asking yourself, “What is the Lion’s Gate portal?” It marks the time that the star Sirius — the brightest blue star in the sky, which is known as the “Spiritual Sun” (and has a long history of astronomical significance among groups including ancient Egyptians and the Dogon tribe of Africa) — rises and becomes visible in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere.

This time of year is also when the sun is in his ruling sign of Leo, the sign of the lion. And the date — 8/8 — is a transformative and powerful number in numerology, one that brings change; 88 also represents infinity. 

This year’s new moon just adds an extra boost of life-changing energy.

All of these events are positive, and the Lion’s Gate portal is an occurrence that many folks believe can bring abundance and prosperity — and is a perfect time to manifest your dreams. 

By putting your intention towards something that you want to happen, you can create it. If you believe in the vision, it will come to fruition.

Even if you've never practiced conscious-manifestation before, with all the magical and sparkly energy behind you, now’s the time to try out the practice.

WHAT TO DO? Set goals now!! 

Make plans. 

Any seeds you sew are bound to manifest now. 

But remember... we must take action too!!  

Pray. Draw energy, courage and strength from Source (God, Spirit, Divinity), put together a vision board, take actionable steps, and remember to look at the sky... take a deep breath in.... and say THANK YOU for the Universe for LIFE <3 

Numerology: August 2023

This month vibrates to two numbers: 8 (personal power) & 6 (the road, family, and harmony).

The lessons to be learned this month may deal with confidence, follow-through, and learning how to break unwanted habits, old patterns and negative cycles.

8 usually brings a month that is great for enhancing prosperity, and focusing on goals.  However, because the overarching number for this year is a 7 (internalisation), it may feel difficult to "Get things going" or to raise your energy high enough to pursue your vision.

In Akara numerology, 8 is the number of the pranic body (the part of ourselves that gives us energy and vital force). Best now to eat lots of life-giving, pranic rich foods! Fresh, vibrant, and whole foods are best. Spend time in the sun!

8 (August) + 7 (Universal Year Number for 2023) = 15.

1+5 = 6, so the Universal Month Number is a 6.

This month becones us to re-connect with family, to bring blessings into our homes, to start clearing and de-cluttering, and aligning ourselves to the roads that are opening for us, rather than banging on closed doors.


Magickal Tips for August: 

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